We help organizations adopt the Amazon Web Services suite of powerful cloud infrastructure services and establish a cloud strategy for getting the most out of AWS.

As an Advanced Consulting Partner within the Amazon Partner Network, Presidio Cloud Solutions is continually adding to our 75+ AWS certifications across the DevOps, Solution Architect, Security, Big Data and SysOps disciplines to build, deploy, and manage complex cloud architectures. We have a proven history of DevOps engagements, infrastructure migrations, cloud application development and data migrations.

Presidio Cloud Solution’s global team of engineers, architects, and developers have achieved Amazon’s highest level of certification, including the Professional Solutions Architect, Professional DevOps, Big Data Specialty, and Security Specialty certifications, which means that when you engage Presidio Cloud Solutions, you’ll be working with the team that’s been vetted as an experienced member of the Amazon Cloud experience.

We map our deep AWS expertise with your business requirements and Amazon’s best practices to help you take full advantage of the scalability, flexibility and cost-savings of the cloud. Whether a project is your first engagement into the cloud or a continuation of your digital transformation strategy, Presidio Cloud Solutions is the partner to collaborate with. We can supplement the cloud resources on your team or completely own and manage your AWS environment – either way with Presidio Cloud Solutions, you’re always innovating.

Presidio Cloud Solutions is ACE Eligible
Presidio Cloud Solutions is actively working with clients from startups to the Fortune 500 on mission-critical initiatives in the following four AWS Competency areas:

AWS cloud professional services from Presidio Cloud Solutions include:

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) - Advanced CloudFormation Specialists including nesting, intrinsic functions and complex metadata.
  • Application Modernization - serverless expertise via Lambda, CloudFront, and API Gateway.
  • Cloud-Native Application Development - Native builds in the cloud with a specialty in the Serverless Application Model (SAM) for the next generation of applications.
  • DevOps - AWS native deployments with Code Deploy, Code Commit & Code Pipeline.
  • Data & Analytics - Services which enables your cloud applications to store, access and process endless amounts of data.
  • Mobile Application Development - test suites available within a device farm.
  • Machine Learning - advanced Sagemaker algorithms. Containerization available via Beanstalk ECS or EKS.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) - connect your warehouse or factory via IoT core and IoT Device Management.
  • Data Migration - Presidio Cloud Solution's expertise in both DMS and Schema Migration service helps you move from your on-premise database to a managed database on the AWS cloud.
  • Cloud Migration - Move your workload to the AWS cloud via the CAF principals.

Outcome-Driven RightExperience

We believe success means delivering the right outcomes to our clients to meet their immediate business needs while ensuring their project or product can scale and innovate as their business grows. We don’t just meet technology requirements. We make sure that we understand the business goals, industry trends and competitive landscape to customize our technology solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs.

When spoiled for choice in a world of countless technology options and implementation strategies, finding the right fit can be a headache. Our team has the acumen to help navigate the technical landscape and we work closely with clients to conquer analysis paralysis. It’s all about understanding the business need so that we can deliver solutions that disrupt our client’s industry.

RightStart™ on AWS

You have a business idea. We meticulously lay the groundwork to make it real, profound and scalable from the outset.

RightStart on AWS

Tools are important, but they are designed to align with an outcome-centric solution devoid of traditional organizational silos. Adopting DevOps as a solution requires as much transformation in people, processes, and policy as it does in technology. Presidio Cloud Solutions subscribes to DevOps in our own AppDev practice, bringing practical knowledge to your DevOps transformation. Regardless of whether you’re developing applications for public consumption, end customers, internal end users, or back-end utilities, DevOps will help you achieve delivery at scale.

RightStart on AWS
Cloud Migration

IT is expected to do more with less by transitioning infrastructure, applications, and data to the cloud, yet unexpected events lead to a staggering number of cloud failures. Presidio Cloud Solutions leverages proven automation tools, accelerators, frameworks, and cloud transition specialists to accelerate ROI in your cloud transition. With Presidio Cloud Solutions, there’s no guesswork. We’ve done this all before.

RightStart on AWS
Data & Analytics

Collecting data is easy. In fact, it’s practically unavoidable. The ability to structure it, organize it, and gain actionable visibility into it is where the rubber meets the road. Presidio Cloud Solution’s Data & Analytics practice gives companies the insight and predictive capabilities they need to elevate a good idea into a market-leading phenomenon.

RightStart on AWS
Application Development

Business applications exist to drive revenue and reduce costs associated with the processes behind getting things done. Presidio Cloud Solutions understands the needs of a business to develop, test and deploy critical applications.