Expand your market reach, shorten your time to market with API Gateway!

Modern applications are about delivering powerful user experience with a flexibility to adapt to changing business models.

More often the legacy applications are unable to participate at the pace of change that is demanded by a digital enterprise. Modernizing the legacy applications to adopt an API based approach unleashes the flexibility to deliver experiences at speed.

Today’s enterprises have core applications spread across legacy applications, monolithic applications, modern serverless applications and microservices based cloud native applications. The AWS API Gateway opens up the functionality that is across the breath of these systems, helping to transform technical debt to assets for a faster world.

Amazon API Gateway is a fully managed service and a catalyst to accelerate customer outcomes with faster time to market. It makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, secure and monitor APIs at scale.

Presidio Cloud Solutions can help modernize and unleash the data and assets in your legacy applications by adopting an API approach and leverage tooling like API Gateway to open your organization to new business models, increased agility and security at scale.