Presidio Cloud Solution’s leadership team and many of our consultants can point to a long and successful history of partnering with IBM. Big Blue is synonymous with enterprise business software and in the cloud era, they are poised to continue innovating after the acquisition of RedHat. Our deep IBM relationships afford us open, honest communication about what’s working and what’s not. We participate with IBM along every stage of a client opportunity, from product development to pre-sales to services delivery and technical support.

Presidio Cloud Solution's IBM Services Include

  • IBM Cloud Private – Presidio Cloud Solutions supports a number of Kubernetes platforms. This includes IBM ICP, which allows clients to take advantage of open source frameworks within a platform that runs on their own infrastructure. Our clients in heavily-regulated industries look to ICP for public cloud speed with the control and security of private.
  • IBM Cloud Private for Data – The most comprehensive cloud-native information architecture for AI, ICP for Data is an important tool for Presidio Cloud Solution’s Data & Analytics and AppDev teams. To unlock your data to make it ready for AI, it’s critical to be able to query and update across disparate data systems. ICP for Data adds value to existing data warehouses by centrally managing them. It’s cloud-native architecture allows our developers to build once and deploy anywhere, quickly scale and increase business agility.
  • IBM Multicloud Manager – It’s a multicloud world. Even if the bulk of your cloud investment runs on a private infrastructure, enterprises still utilize public cloud apps like Salesforce and Microsoft Office. Multicloud Manager allows you to manage public apps, your private cloud and on-prem objects that have yet to be migrated to the cloud, all from a single screen.
  • IBM Watson – Presidio Cloud Solutions has leaned on Watson’s powerful AI automation capabilities to build transformative solutions for clients that have an immediate ROI. Example #1:Presidio Cloud Solution’s Contract Analytics solution provides a rapid understanding of contracts across your organization through Natural Language Processing, to reduce legal risk, complexity and the costs of manual involvement in analyzing contracts.Example #2:Our Virtual Agent solution immediately cuts call center volume by transforming common lookup functions into conversational analytics that get your customers the answers they need quickly. With Virtual Agent, your call center employees get to focus on higher value customer service activities.
  • IBM Cloud Garage