We work at the intersection of business, applications and operations to deliver multicloud solutions for clients of all sizes

Cloud Migration

Yes, you can do more with less, IF you have the right Cloud strategy. Presidio Cloud Solutions brings Cloud Migration specialists, automation tools, accelerators and a proven track record to your project.

Migration of all flavors:

Infrastructure, Platform, Data, Application. A thorough assessment compels our migration strategy.

Cloud Center of Excellence

Presidio Cloud Solution's Operating Model Consulting helps you build a Cloud culture within your organization.

Application Development

Clients come to Presidio Cloud Solutions when they need to develop or modernize an application quickly. We use proven development tools and methods to deliver to enterprises with start-up speed.

Application Modernization:

Transform outdated on-prem applications into secure, scalable and user-friendly cloud microservices.

AppDev Advisory Services:

We’ve seen it all. Let us coach your dev team through the inevitable stumbling blocks between you and the perfect solution.

Devops & Automation

Tear down silos. Open up possibilities. The modern IT department is a software development shop by necessity. You must deliver as a start-up with the security, compliance and scale of a large enterprise. We fill your technology and cultural gaps to propel you to success.

Management Consulting:

The DevOps secret sauce is a change in culture. From the top down, your teams need to transform the way they work. Presidio Cloud Solutions can teach it because we live it.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC):

The software engine that makes DevOps possible. Presidio Cloud Solutions helps you adopt the same discipline toward infrastructure that you have toward applications, by treating both as code.

Data & Analytics

Collecting data is easy and practically unavoidable. The ability to gain actionable insights out of data is how winning companies distinguish themselves.

Migration & Modernization:

Monetize your data by securely moving it to the cloud, organizing it and applying data governance for faster, more accurate consumption.


From predictive analytics to machine learning engines including IBM Watson and Amazon SageMaker, Presidio Cloud Solutions can show you the future through the eyes of your data. Goodbye to expensive on-premise data centers!

Managed Services

Management of your Cloud and on-premise infrastructure securely requires continuous monitoring, troubleshooting and remediation. Bridge the technology gap with Presidio Cloud Solutions by bringing in complementary technologies to deliver network and security services, providing protection around the clock, and allowing your organization to achieve your business objectives.

24x7 Infrastructure Security, Monitoring & Incident Management Support

Whether your environment is in the Cloud or on-premise, Presidio Cloud Solutions has experienced engineers to ensure the highest level of availability.

Application and Database Support

Apply monitoring and management tools & techniques to ensure that your infrastructure or platform performs optimally.

Continuous Innovation Solutions (CIS)

Recruiting and retaining top talent in a rapidly-evolving technology environment is a universal dilemma. Presidio Cloud Solutions CIS gives you access to our full digital transformation suite, delivered as-a-service for a monthly fee.

Proactive Presidio-as-a-Service:

Solve employee turnover and the skills gap with Presidio Cloud Solutions CIS. Employ Presidio Cloud Solutions as an extension to your team, and our expert resources will manage day-to-day activities while always being prepared for that next urgent business request.

Post-Project Support:

After successful project delivery, Presidio Cloud Solutions CIS takes ownership and continuously innovates, building on previously deployed solutions.